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Version 4.Blow 08/26/2010
Digg has become a shitty hybrid of GMail, Twitter and, well, Digg circa 2007. The luster is gone. Innovation at Digg is apparently dead.

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Yahoo Answers User - Simply Gifted

Not much to say here...

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Terrell Siding

I know what's been bothering you. You've been shopping for aluminum siding but are terrified that you might purchase it from Jesus-hating liberal pansycrats. Well my friend, sleep easy because I found the solution for you...

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Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Apparently the writers of Lost considered the characters more important than the story because that's the only aspect of the show they provided closure on.

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My Daugter

Rake to the Face 02/10/2010
I've been given a report that my 2-year-old daughter raked a little boy in the face today. His crime? Attempting to play with her.

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Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele

"Trust me, after taxes, a million dollars is not a lot of money"

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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is a jackass.

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New York State Sen. Ruben Diaz

Democratic Senator the leading opponent of failed gay marriage legislation.

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Shelly Barreras

KRQE is reporting on the massive line-up of people who waited to see Sarah Palin at her book signing in Roswell, New Mexico. Amongst those queuing up for a glimpse of Palin was a woman named Shelly Barreras who I felt compelled to single out after reading the following brain cramping quotation...

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Bill O'Reilly

If the Willie Horton incident destroyed Michael Dukakis' career, then by all objective standards, the Maurice Clemmons incident should destroy former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee's. Unless, or course, objectivity doesn't play a role in your analysis of facts.

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