Intershame F.A.Q.

Q. The top of your page says you've been around since 1995. Really?
A. No. That's just a part of our design theme.

Q. Speaking of which, what's the deal with the design theme?
A. It's what we envision a website might look like if it were created in 1995, abandoned and then subjected to the wear and tear of everyday internet usage (if there was such a thing as wear and tear on the internet). It's a tongue in cheek memorial to the old, blended with modern day layout.

Q. What are some of the early 90s elements you've incorporated into
A. Tell you what, we did our best to work in all the big ones: There's an under construction guestbook, hit counter, midi sound player, web ring, top 5 site banner and if you're using the right browser, you'll see the blink tag in action. Oh, and the side menu is a frame that a disgruntled user got mad at and ripped (likely because frames suck).

Q. Where's the animated gif?
A. Yeah, we know. Couldn't bring ourselves to pull that trigger.

Q. Anything else you left out?
A. We were going to throw a "Netscape Now!" image in the footer, but decided against it. Then we thought about making a "Chrome Now!" image and putting that in there, but decided against that to. We still might. If somebody wants to make one, feel free to send it to us and we'll give you credit if we use it.

Q. Does that hit counter really work?
A. Yes. Is it accurate? No.

Q. I have a great idea for an Intershame. How can I get it on this site?
A. We made this page so you can submit your Intershame nominee.

Q. I'm the subject of an Intershame and I'm not happy about it.
A. Contact us.

Q. I would like to pay to have something Intershamed, can I buy a blog posting on your site?
A. I'm glad you asked! No.


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