For those of you who missed it (and judging by the complete lack of mainstream media coverage, that's a lot of you), a video leaked out a few days ago that is pretty damaging to the moral position of the health care reform opposition. It can be summed up like this - a Jewish man was doing his best to defend his pro-health care reform position to the media when a woman screamed "Heil Hitler" at him.

Here is that video:

Now, you might be thinking that today's Intershame is about this woman. Initially it was, but I got to thinking...

What the woman said speaks for itself. Anybody with a moral compass pointing to "sane" considers what she said to be deplorable. Intershaming her would be boring. So I was going to abandon the idea altogether... But then I watched the video again and caught something I overlooked the first time. It was then I found a hidden shame I missed.

What's worse than yelling "Heil Hitler" at a Jew who lost his family in the Holocaust? Defending it.

With that said, may I happily present to you, these two unnamed assholes:

You see, while the moron woman who yelled "Heil Hitler" was so deservingly getting her comeuppance from the man she insulted, these two douche bags happily ran to her aid.

Here is the sequence of events in the video:

:38 - The Jewish man being interviewed by the media hears a woman yell, "Heil Hitler" at him. He points her out to the media he is addressing yelling at.

:58 - The microphone doesn't pic it up well, but you can hear the man yell, "All my family get killed in the Holocaust and you say 'Heil Hitler'?" At the same time the camera pans over to the woman who yelled "Heil Hitler". Notice she is alone. Notice she also (rightly) looks very uncomfortable.

1:00- - The man confronts the complete moron who obviously doesn't understand how Jews react when you bring Hitler into the discussion woman and administers a well deserved tongue lashing.

1:11 - Our two Nazi sympathizers overhear the man yelling at the moron woman and walk over to stand by her side.

1:18 - One of the two men can be heard reassuring the moron woman, "We're here for ya".

1:20 - The man upset about the Hitler reference looks at Intimidator #1 and is momentarily taken back by his presence.

1:32 - The moron woman, now emboldened by her new found protection, mocks the man by pretending to sob. The two men attempting to intimidate the Jewish man can be seen standing on each side of the moron woman - arms crossed in an attempt to look real hard.

Wow, how I despise these two.

I want to make something perfectly clear: I don't care if these two idiots and the woman are complete strangers. I don't care if one of them is her twin brother and the other her husband. I don't care if they're employed as security guards at the town hall - the woman was in no threat of danger. What was the man yelling at her going to do? Lay her out in front of hundreds of people and rolling cameras? Of course not. "Protecting" her was completely unnecessary. That makes this act of grandstanding that much more annoying.

I wonder if they even knew what the argument was about. It really doesn't matter to me either way - ignorance of this moron's woman's remark doesn't absolve them from shame. They better have known what was going on. When you butt into another person's business, you make it your business. By defending somebody who said "Heil Hitler" to a Jew, they might have well just said it themselves.

Really though, what were these two piles of shit going to do anyways? I doubt either one of them have raised their heart-rate in the past 20 years for anything other than rushing to the buffet. Now they're going to put themselves into a position where they might have to fight?. Please. A strong breeze could take these guys down. Maybe they never intended to inject themselves physically. Maybe to tall one was there to threaten the Jewish guy with his born-again-Christian haircut. Maybe the other one was trying to blind him with his shirt. I don't know.

I'm willing to bet that these two clowns wouldn't have been so chivalrous if the Jewish man were in his mid-twenties and ripped. I could be wrong, but if I'm not then these two don't just condone Antisemitism - they're cowards of the worst kind.