Fox News readers to Ted Kennedy: Rest in Hell
On the day longtime U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy passed away, news outlets around the country devoted a considerable amount of time to remembering his career. Fox News reporter Molly Line contributed to one such article posted on

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Below is a sampling of those comments. Be warned - most, if not all of these are not safe for your intellect...

Now GOD will judge him for the Drunk driving killing!

What took so long? One can only hope that he was wearing his fireproof underwear he is going to need them where he is going....

Bye Bye Mr KEN-EVIL you where what is WRONG with this and your likes ,,, I.E. Family members....Im sorry your family will miss you most in this country WONT we will never forgtet what you have done and 47 years in the senate is RIDICULOUS!!! TERM LIMITS....PEOPLE IF YOU READ THIS WE NEED TO REFORM TERM LIMITS ON THESE DONKEY-HOLES Mr K Rot In Pieces !!!

See ya Teddy! Don't the door hit ya on the way out!

liznneworleans Louisiana
Bye, maggot. For anyone mourning him--you can at least be comforted by the fact that nobody murdered him and then cowardly waited to sober up before letting someone know that he would have to be fished out of the lake. Imagine how that would feel. "Beloved", I could puke-just a small cancer removed from this world.

swiftnick Colorado
At last, the fool of Camelot is no more. Say hello to Mary Jo when you see her at the Golden Gates, Ted; just before St. Pete sends you to burn for eternity. I wonder what sort of fool Massachusetts is going to give us to replace him with.

Come on people! Kennedy clan got their wealth from illegal booze. So, in 20 years or so, it's ok that the drug dealers are the wealthy ruling class in this country? No one! Not a single Kennedy gave a hoot about any working class American. They wanted power... And they got it! Too bad many died so they could get there..... Teddy isn't a happy camper right now. Atleast most of his relatives are in H.E.L.L. too so he's not going to be lonely.

liberal Texas
I'm so happy to hear this and I'm going to celebrate big time. This crook just paid for his sin against GOD, a Catholics murdered million of unborned babies, over 65,000 GIs died in Vietnam's war is part of his reckless ignorance to our soldier. RIH! (editor: that would be "rest in hell")

bigsteve Pennsylvania
The average intelligence of US senators increased considerably today!

It’s about time. This coward was not good for a free, strong America. He would have died in prison if it weren’t for his name. good riddance! BIH (editor: that would be "burn in hell")

dwolfman Tennessee

Finally! He can now go and hang out with his Master. Hope he can stand the heat...

tss912 Illinois
May God have mercy on you Mr.Kennedy.. Wait you fought to get God out of everything.. Have fun where you belong....

Reference today's headline: " Doctor: Despite Brain Tumor, Kennedy Had High Quality of Life Up to His Death". Of course he did . . . however under Obamacare the rest of us peons in his age group would have received our "end of life counseling" and then left to die. The hypocracy of the left is frightening an disgusting. (editor: this comment is really only offensive if you consider shocking ignorance offensive.)

dale7859 Florida
TO: roscov Ireland: Teddy was no better than any other Irish thug and just because he finally passed doen't mean that we should talk of him any better than before! If He burns in H-E-L-L that is because it will be a just punishment delivered by God!

nordiq26 New Jersey
Good riddance to this drunken coward. He did more damage to our country than anyone in history....

I was hoping to turn on the news this morning and hear something good. Thanks

This is a day of inspiration and hope for all Americans who love what is right, good, and true. Evil always does pass.

Finally an end to a family of scum bags!

zx10rninja California
Only here to keep the record straight and say adios mother fvcker to the dirtbag, Ted. Keep up the good work.

Goodbye you liberal pile of Glad to see you go you ball. I can't wait until you are all gone and we can get some people in there that respect American people and the constitution. Flame away. Don't care.

Good riddance. Not dead soon enough, IMO.

Adios Teduardo.

The world is a cleaner, fresher and safer place for us all this morning with the passing of this man-child. The good people of Cape Cod should be cheering, not mourning. Kennedy was the poster boy of the ultimate corrupt politician. Let's hope Mary Jo is there to meet him and direct him to the DOWN elevator.

monkeyfurball Minnesota
How many of you think a person who championed abortion his whole life and aided the killing of millions of unborn by voting for more proabortion laws is going to pass God's judgement? No One. That's what I thought.

epeel2 Texas
As a believer I know I shouldn't wish this on anyone because I know where he went, but I can't say that I'm sorry that he's gone! Such an evil man along with all of the Kennedys! Time and your Creator will show who is right!
Fox News. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Had enough? I hope not. This parade of hate is far from over. Let's continue with a collection of enlightened observations from Fox News reader "bananabob"...

Not to forget to mention all the rude and disgusting things said about Tony Snow when that hero passed, you guys have no room at all to talk, hypocritical pieces of sh1t. Semper Fi.

Yeah, tell us all the good things he did for us Einstein, don't forget the drunk driving and killing of a young woman either, you piece of sh1t. I'm sure you have an excuse for that too, keep going down like Lewinski on Clinton, you guys are on a roll. Semper Fi.

You guys bad mouth Reagan all the time so go F yourself, hypocrites. Semper Fi.

aschefler Louisiana
Alas, Massachusetts mourns the loss of yet another murderer.

I cannot say that I am sorry in the least!

mcvam District of Columbia
I'm glad the writer for this article did not include any mention of Kennedy claiming to be Catholic. Kennedy was a publicly outspoken and voracious supporter of ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY. Both ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY were declared 'INTRINSIC EVIL' by the The Magisterium of the Catholic Church. That being said, Kennedy should be denied a Catholic funeral Mass so that the faithful will not be misled and erroneously conclude that the Church condones the INTRINSIC EVIL of abortion and homosexuality.

jmj1941 Florida
I keep seeing a scene in my head: Teddy Kennedy groveling before God to be let into heaven. Of course, God knows the man's heart and realizes that the jerk let a woman die and got away with it. Nothing he has ever done will ever make up for his crime.

Behold! And St. Peter sayeth=== Teddy, you got a lot of splainin to do!!

icecream Texas
the murderer is dead- i bet obama is going to have a statue made in kennedy's honor- i cant believe this great country is going to homage to a man that was a wife beater, acholoic & MURDERER. with obama in office we have stooped really low- TEDDY SAY HELLO TO HITLER YOUR NEW ROOM MATE

We have a winner! Congradulations to icecream from Texas who helped prove Godwin's Law is still alive and well!

A few more, if you will...

I bet this good Catholic boy confessed his sins of being an adulterer, liar, coveter, murderer, idolater and drunk before he died! Ya we are all sinners by birth an behavior, but this is a man who used his power to transgress and multiply his sins on many, many, many more people than the average person could ever think or attempt to offend! I do not think he will be resting in peace?

Mary Joe, your short life was of NO VALUE. Roll over again IN YOUR GRAVE because you never got justice. May be Ted Kennedy went to a nice hot place. What a shame Ted was so respected by people that never even knew him. Obama praised Ted for his election. Obama loves a guy who had no respect for this young girl, now she is old dust because of Teddys actions. So, keep talking like you know the guy as say "how wonderful he is" and we should speak good of the dead. GET A LIFE PEOPLE, Ted Kennedy is a COWARD and hopefully Mary Joe is looking down on him.

One word - KARMA. So long Teddy - you were corrupt up until your last breath weren't ya?

Mine eyes have seen the glory! Let GOD judge Mary Jo's murderer and administer his swift sword of justice!

That's all I can take. If you made it this far, I'm impressed. Because I feel guilty for subjecting you to this and in order to help recover some of the brainpower you know doubt lost reading these comments, I offer you a free copy of the aptly titled masterpiece, Great Expectations. Despite what you read today, try to keep them. And enjoy the novel, with my apologizes.